Short Sermon Recap Video From Convention 2017
Eran’s passion for creative and relevant communication, his expertise in leadership development and his commitment to excellence distinguish him as a leader and communicator.  He speaks at various churches, retreats, camps, conventions, conferences with a passion to inspire people in their faith.  Eran’s speaking is described as passionate, inspiring and engaging. 
“Experience, passion, faithfulness, and anointing, are just a few of things Eran Holt brings to the table. Whether it be for youth ministry coaching, or speaking at camps, conventions, or retreats, both students and leaders will be deeply impacted through Eran’s ministry.”  
— Evangelist Greg Hubbard
“Fearless, passionate, genuine, loving and REAL! These are just a few words to describe the dynamic ministry of Eran Holt. He’s been called to bring radical transformation to this generation and has the heart, experience and focus to make it happen. Eran has been my friend for over a decade — his life, character and zeal have inspired me and impacted my life. I endorse him, whole-heartedly and even more, I challenge you to link arms with him. He will bless you, empower you and encourage you!”
— Chilly Chilton, Evangelist & Student Pastor, Mount Hope Church, Lansing.
Eran Holt is a leader of leaders. For over fifteen years I have observed him in a variety of leadership settings. During each one he has stepped forward with passion and excellence. He loves people and, as a role model, he has consistently demonstrated outstanding gifts to mentor other leaders. Additionally, his character is above reproach. I commend him to you with highest recommendations as a tremendous man of God.
— Don Myer, Former President, University of Valley Forge
Eran Holt is a proven leader who is has served in both small and large ministries. His years of experience will prove to be beneficial to others; for the years will teach what the days will never know.
— Darren Hileman, Executive Director - South Carolina School of Leadership
“I would highly recommend Pastor Eran as a coach for anyone who is seeking to acquire ministry skills. Whether you have been in the ministry for years, or if you are new to ministry, Eran can provide the type of coaching relationship needed to help build, develop, or refresh depending upon your own ministerial stage. Personally, I have seen spiritual growth as well as professional growth as a result of the mentoring opportunity I have had with Eran. He has guided me in the process of developing ministry-building strategies while encouraging me to keep my own spiritual health in mind, too.”
— Donnie Immel, Lead Pastor
“I have grown so much both personally and professionally as a result of the leadership coaching I have received from Pastor Eran. His experience in ministry paired with his skill set as a coach took my leadership forward both as a pastor and as a husband. Each coaching session equipped me with realistic and measurable goals to ensure that I was on pace to see the change I desired to see within my self and within my ministry.”
— Isaac Balban, Teaching Pastor



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This is the first of 3 messages preached at PennDel Youth Convention 2017. Text: Psalm 23:1-2
This is the second of 3 messages preached at PennDel Youth Convention 2017. Text: Psalm 23:3
This is the third of 3 messages preached at PennDel Youth Convention 2017. Text: Psalm 23:4-6
General Session 1 from Lead the Generation Youth Leaders Conference 2017. Speaker - Eran Holt, Founder of Lead the Generation

This message was from the closing session of Lead the Generation Youth Leaders Conference 2016.

Week 4 of “Change Your World in 52 Days”

Week 3 of “Change Your World in 52 Days.”

Week 4 of “Soul Detox.”