Eran Holt is the perfect combination of passionate speaker and empowering leader. His excellent preaching skills and style of delivery speak to students and leaders alike, and reveal his heart to empower others to embrace the call God has placed on their lives. Having worked personally with Eran to launch the Lead the Generation Conference, I can attest to his character, servant-heartedness and leadership skills. I highly recommend him as a speaker, teacher, leadership coach, or even for a great ministry conversation over a cup of coffee.
— Carrie Maurio, Youth Ministry Specialist, UVF
Eran Holt is a proven leader who is has served in the youth ministry trenches in both small and large ministries. His years of experience will prove to be beneficial to others; for the years will teach what the days will never know.
— Darren Hileman, Executive Director - South Carolina School of Leadership
Eran Holt is a leader of leaders. For over fifteen years I have observed him in a variety of leadership settings. During each one he has stepped forward with passion and excellence. He loves young people and, as a role model, he has consistently demonstrated outstanding gifts to mentor other leaders of young people. Additionally, his character is above reproach. I commend him to you with highest recommendations as a tremendous man of God.
— Don Meyer, Ph.D, Former President, UVF
“I would highly recommend Pastor Eran as a coach for anyone who is seeking to acquire ministry skills. Whether you have been in the ministry for years, or if you are new to ministry, Eran can provide the type of coaching relationship needed to help build, develop, or refresh depending upon your own ministerial stage. Personally, I have seen spiritual growth as well as professional growth as a result of the mentoring opportunity I have had with Eran. He has guided me in the process of developing ministry-building strategies while encouraging me to keep my own spiritual health in mind, too.”
— Donnie Immel, Youth Pastor
“I have grown so much both personally and professionally as a result of the leadership coaching I have received from Pastor Eran. His experience in ministry paired with his skill set as a coach took my leadership forward both as a pastor and as a husband. Each coaching session equipped me with realistic and measurable goals to ensure that I was on pace to see the change I desired to see within my self and within my ministry.”
— Isaac Balban, Youth Pastor

Why Youth Pastors Need More Coaching, Not Conferences!

I love conferences. They can be inspiring and practical. They get you out of your environment and give you fresh eyes for ministry. I host a conference and have taken many groups to conferences - they definitely have a purpose. Workshops are good as well. You get a longer session to study specific topics. You may even be able to interact with those speaking or learning alongside of you. I've taught many workshops over the years. 

But there is nothing like coaching.  Here’s why: 

1.  A coaching relationship is way different than anything else. Conferences may have hundreds or thousands in attendance. Workshops could have dozens. But a coaching relationship is one-on-one.  Every question has a chance to be heard. Every story can be told and unpacked. It's perfectly customized to your needs and goals. 

2.  Coaching happens over a period of months, so there is enough time between coaching sessions that life has a chance to happen. You are actually learning while you are doing. You have time and a coaches encouragement to roll up your sleeves and let down your guard with your coach. 

3.  In a coaching relationship you find a safe place to discuss the unique circumstances you face without any fear of reprisal or judgment. 

4.  A coaching relationship allows you to get help in the areas you really need help in.  It’s shaped around your context and your goals, not what the conference speaker has decided they want to talk about.  

The impact of a conference lasts a few days; a workshop might benefit you for an entire season. But a healthy, well-led coaching relationship will expand your resources and gain you years of learning. 


1.     How do I get started? 

Schedule an appointment for your first session.  The first coaching session is 90 minutes long.  By the end of the session we will have completed a basic leadership assessment and established 6-8 goals that we want to accomplish over a period of 6 months of coaching.  The first session is free.  No strings attached.  It’s your change to determine if a coaching relationship is something that would be beneficial to you personally and to your ministry. 

2.     What is the cost and how many coaching sessions are included? 

Our coaching structure can be uniquely tailored to fit a variety of needs, contexts and lengths.  Contact us for more information and a direct quote.

3.     Do I have to travel to a specific location for my coaching sessions? 

No, but you can if you’re close by.  Most of our coaching sessions happen through video chat (facetime, google chat, skype, etc…).

4.     Are there any additional charges for resources that are provided? 

No.  If we have a resource that is helpful we send it as a part of our coaching agreement.  If we are recommending you to purchase a resource or a book(s) it would be your choice if you want to make the purchase or not. 

5.     What happens after coaching? 

You will have met or are close to meeting the goals that we established in your initial assessment.  You will have made a great friend in your coach that will benefit your life and ministry moving forward.  Additional coaching is optional on your part.  

Interested in coaching?

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