Coaching is the most effective means of leadership growth and ministry development.  It surpasses the best of books and conferences by combining the most pertinent content with hands on practical application.  Where a conference will inspire, coaching will implement the vision in step by step goals.  Where a book will educate, coaching will allows for both an objective and subjective voice to sharpen a leader in his current ministry environment.  

Proverbs 27:17 - As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens one another.  My life has been shaped and guided by many men and women of God.  John Holt (my father), Jeanne Mayo, Scotty Gibbons, Reggie Dabbs, Bryan Koch, Tom Rees, Doug Sayers, etc...  I could easily name dozens and dozens that God has used as mentors and coaches in my life.  I've learned more from my time with a ministry coach than any conference or book.  

Having received so much in the form of coaching and mentoring I'm honored to use my experience as a coach to speak into your life.  My goals in a coaching relationship are simple and straightforward: 

- I will push you to your maximum potential and leadership skill.  

- I will work with you to assess your current ministry environment and work to contextualize all our topics, ideas, planning, etc... to your current needs and opportunities.  

- I will provide you with ideas, resources and ministry content as needed and requested during our coaching sessions.  

WHO IS COACHING FOR: (info grapic - rookie, young youth pastor, experienced who feels stuck in a rut, PT youth pastor who could benefit from resources) 

HOW IT WORKS: (turn this into a info graphic)  

1. Request a coaching session.  Coaching sessions last 60-90 minutes in person or through video chat.  There is no charge for the initial session.  I recognize that not every coach is a fit for every client.  After the initial session you will know whether my experience in ministry will be of value to you and worth the investment of your time and budget.  

2. Complete the Coaching Application (click here).  By submitting the application you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in regards to your personal preparation for each session, assignments given during coaching and financial payment.  

3. Coaching sessions take place either face to face or through video chat.  

3.  The investment for coaching is roughly the same investment one would make to attend a leadership conference (NYLC, Catalyst, Orange, etc...)  I have attended many conferences, but I've never grown as consistently and strategically as I have through one-on-one coaching.  I would encourage you to skip a conference for one year and invest in coaching.  6 coaching sessions is the standard agreement which equates to an investment of $900.  A normal coaching schedule will involve one session per month.  At times the coach or client can request a greater amount of time in between coaching sessions.  Most of my clients have been permitted to use the same funds from their ministry budget one would use for conference expenses (registration, travel, lodging, etc...) to invest in coaching.  The results are typically more impactful and specific to one's ministry setting and season of life.  

Click here for references from past coaching clients